Wednesday, June 5, 2013

By a nose!

I have one other classic that I believe you’ll love. This story is about sword fighting, witty comebacks, inner beauty and romance. I read this one when I was a preteen and it really made an impact on me. As a young man I did not feel very attractive (as many preteens do) and this story gave me hope not just for romance but for the man I could be. The story is called Cyrano De Bergerac. This story is about a brave soldier that is not just a great fighter with the sword but extremely intelligent. One would think that because of his bravery, smarts and fighting skills he would have many romances; however, he didn’t. He had a very large nose and was not very attractive to many. Now here comes another soldier Christian, who is also a brave man and a soldier, however he’s not very smart but extremely good looking. Everyone in town knows of Cyrano, his nose, his wits and his fighting ability so no one would dare challenge him intellectually or physically. Except for Roxanne, who is not only beautiful but very intelligent as well. Both man fall in love with her but Christian dare not talk to her because he knows he’s not very bright. So Cyrano helps him conquered her love by using his poetic voice and intelligence not letting Chris know that he himself is madly in love with her but does not dare confess his love because of his big nose. This story made me feel that it’s ok not too be good looking and that being smart and good hearted is most important. This sure is a great classic that anybody can enjoy so if you’re in a mood for romance and sword fights this is one great book for you.

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